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Out Of Sane Demo

Out Of Sane Demo

album: Demo
genre: Rock
Out Of Sane
About Us Out Of Sane

Since forming in 2007, Out Of Sane is a Rock/Metal cover band that has played at least half a dozen venues and still going strong. Covering the most popular music from Classic Rock to Metal to Present Day Rock, Out Of Sane plays a wide variety of music that can perform at almost any bar, club or event.

Out Of Sane members Chris Walker, Jared Burnworth, Darren Hackney and Doug Hackney all live in the greater Oklahoma City area and have played in other bands in the past and a couple of members are playing in other bands now as well. Chris, Jared, Darren and Doug are the remaining members of the original Out Of Sane band that formed in 07' and after losing two great guitar players along the way, the 4 piece arrangement has stuck and has been doing well and showing potential, not to mention having a great time in the process.


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