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album: And Beyond Ep
genre: Rock
About Us terrastigma

Terra Stigma is a five piece alternative, grunge rock band from Long Island, NY. They are currently unsigned, but have played with many national recording artists at many of the Long Island and New York City venues. Their sound is similar to a pleasant mixing of Mudvayne, Nirvana, and Daughtry. With an intense and passionate sound they have built a solid following, proving the grunge is far from d...ead. Terra Stigma boasts two new hot tracks: “Leave My Body” and “Vital”. “Leave My Body” blends melodic vocals with genuine grunge, metal riffs. The guitar intro is evocative and beautiful, providing an excellent build-up for the powerful vocals to come. It’s a catchy song with honest vocals. The lyrics are emotional, expressive, and sure to please. “Vital” displays the softer side of Terra Stigma. The gritty, raw, and powerful voice of vocalist, Justin Aaron is truly showcased in “Vital”. Lyrically the song portrays themes of hopefulness and promise. The uplifting lyrics of “Vital” are paired seamlessly with a warm, soulful melody and intricate guitar parts. Both tracks are genuinely delightful to listen to. This was my first time listening to Terra Stigma, and I was honestly impressed by their work. As a child of the 90’s, grunge is perhaps one of my favorite genres of music. I am so pleased that Terra Stigma is proving with full force that grunge is alive and well. I hope that someday they can join the ranks of other greats of alternative, metal, and grunge music. I wish them the best of luck on their musical journey and I am enthusiastic to hear what’s next for this great group!

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