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Life is Good

Life is Good

album: Life Is Good
genre: Country
DSP band
About Us DSP band

Country acy from the northernmost part of Europe - Finnmark in Norway. We are playing outlaw country with a bit of blues and rock influence.

DSP band is:
Rune Nyby (vocals and guitar)
Per Øyvind Mathisen (guitar and bass)
Lars Rune Rebbestad (banjo and piano)
Rune Eriksen (drums)

Our latest released songs on Spotify and other streaming services are:
2020: In My Old Rocking Chair
2019: Every Time We Meet
2019: Not My Way
2018: Ride Alone
2018: This Year's Santa
2018: Strength to Carry On
2018: It's Getting Late
2018: Grandpa on the Floor
2018: That's How the Money Gets Around

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