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Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

album: Toxic Virgin

genre: Metal

streams: 26

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Toxic Virgin
About Us Toxic Virgin

Toxic Virgin stand for pure rock music, boundless energy, catchy refrains and acclaimed live gigs. In short: hard'n heavy music which is a lot of fun and covers the whole range of heavy rock. Toxic Virgin have been together since 1995 and published four CDs (Love Rocket EP 1999 , Toxic Virgin CD 2000 , Circle of Power CD 2001 , Sulphur CD 2004 ) which received excellent reviews in musical publications and were highly acclaimed all over the world. . The live concerts of the five musicians from Krefeld, Germany, ( f.e. together with STATUS QUO,THERAPY?,DOG EAT DOG, DORO PESCH or BONFIRE ) attract and convince audiences all over Germany and even abroad. Such qualities as a live-band also granted them their twice repeated participation in the finals of the German Rock Musicians Awards. Toxic Virgin embody a lifestyle and not a short-lived fashion. In other words: Rock'n roll is coming home!

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