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album: The Last Leaf Of Autumn

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Soren Anders
About Us Soren Anders
2008 has been a productive and busy year for Soren Anders, who has been performing new solo songs in London and Copenhagen, as well as recording and touring in the United States. Anders is a New York composer, singer, producer and instrumentalist best known as the creator of the poly-genre band Shimmerplanet.

The new Anders songs are scored for just violin, cello and keyboard, and feature Anders’ hushed and understated vocals. Stylistically the material ranges from Björk and Radiohead influenced contemplations of longing and death to virtuosic tangos.

These solo pieces of Anders’ are being released in groups of three via iTunes and other digital retailers. The first set is entitled “I Know A Hundred Ways To Die”, the title track of which is a setting of the Edna St. Vincent Millay poem of the same name. The second set, “The Last Leaf Of Autumn” is due December 9th. Additionally, reinterpretations of all the new songs – featuring added percussion and other instruments - are being created by New York composer Kai Gross, and will also be released on iTunes.

As a boy, Soren spent a lot of time outdoors, growing things and getting dirty. A child hippie, he subscribed to Organic Gardening Magazine when he was eight years old. His winter months were spent studying the piano and violin, drafting maps of imaginary cities, and escaping into endless hours inside his headphones.

In college, Anders committed himself to the piano, studying under Mary Sauer, the acclaimed principal pianist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Anders possessed a special affinity for terribly melancholy Russian piano music, and spent long solitary hours with men named Serge and Dmitri in the school practice rooms. And then, one day he was asked to play non-classical music, with other people in fact, and he jumped at the chance.

The music of Shimmerplanet has been called “a breakthrough creatively” (The Evolution Of Media). “It takes artistic courage to be this lyrically honest and musically experimental,” wrote Indie-Music.com. Awards from The Songwriters Hall Of Fame, The Independent Music Awards, and Talent In Motion Magazine followed.

Anders has worked with 60s recording icon Lesley Gore, 80s recording icon Chris Stein (of Blondie), and recently scored and conducted a choir for one of his favorite bands, Menomena. Keep up to date at Mypace.com/sorenanders.
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