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Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After

album: Pull The Pin

genre: Rock/power POP

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serial obsession
About Us serial obsession

Serial Obsession is an NYC based mainstream/radio friendly Rock band combining old school high energy guitar driven rock with a modern /alternative melodic approach to songwriting

Obsession: The total and complete domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire…or ROCK’N’ROLL

New York City’s Serial Obsession is a band that would sound right at home had it emanated from the sleazy Sunset Strip of the late 80‘s early 90s Hollywood where Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue first held court. Yet they’re on the other coast, bashing away with their stylistic synthesis of hard rock, glam, grunge, classic rock and metal, all with a punk attitude, all original, and instantly memorable as hell. In an era where new, young, exciting, melodic rock bands have decidedly taken a back seat, Serial Obsession dredges up the kind of glory that came with the likes of Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Velvet Revolver and KISS yet has faded into distant memory.

Until now.

With the release of their 2015 ,4 song EP “Pull The Pin”, Serial Obsession takes their influences from the past and injects a modern attitude that is pointed towards the future.

Singer Shawn Sugrue has the kind of voice that stops traffic. Emotional, passionate, his pipes are only exceeded by his stage presence. He’s the visual magnet. Bassist Jason Rosin joins with drummer T Motts as the anchor, the tightest rhythm section in town, one that will give your sub-woofer a real work-out. Guitarist Andrew Kadar is under the radar now, but watch out! He’s a six-stringed hero, well-versed in his forebears enough to assimilate the aesthetic of Van Halen/Slash/Page into his own unique captivating style.

Ultimately, words are meaningless, you have to hear them, see them, feel them. They get under your skin. It’s in the almighty riff, the hummable melodies and the attitude. Their bombast is infectious. Audiences at Irving Plaza, CBGB, BB King’s, The Highline Ballroom and Terminal 5 in Manhattan know. So do crowds in Brooklyn, Ithaca, Syracuse and Connecticut.

Serial Obsession is on a mission to bring back the kind of rock that rolls with soul and doesn’t mind getting up and in your face so that you’ll be reminded of the heights that this great music of ours—rock’n’roll—can still achieve.

They say that there is no obsession like a serial obsession. One listen and you’ll be obsessed. Mike GreenBlatt-Rock Journalist

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