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Up For Air

Up For Air

album: Heavy AmericA

genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

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Heavy AmericA
About Us Heavy AmericA

Heavy AmericA is an all original alternative hard rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts and comprised of three members: 

Mike Seguin- Guitars, Lead Vocals, Keys  

Dan Fried- Drums, Percussion, Vocals  

Budd Lapham- Bass, Vocals 

Formed in 2013, Mike, Dan and Budd brought together their years of experience and influences to create a truly unique band with a sound as gritty as the Boston streets that inspire them. Fed up with the infinite repeat of bubble gum and corporate rock music that plagues the airways, they decided to be a band to bring forth the change so desperately needed in rock music today.   

Their "keep it simple" formula has resulted music that is full of energy and raw emotion. A "rollercoaster ride with plateaus of happiness and cliffs of terror." So open your ears and your mind to the new sound you've been searching for....Heavy AmericA!

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