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album: Demons

genre: Rock

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Big Mess
About Us Big Mess


   Introducing Big Mess the band who loves to have fun and entertain. Big Mess is a band of veteran musicians who enjoy laughing and having a good time and most of all playing music. You could make a reality show out of them on and off stage. Everything they do is a group effort they write play sing drink and joke around together. That’s what makes them so much fun they like people they like hanging out and they even like each other. If you like Green Day, Weezer or Bowling for Soup you will love Big Mess. The band members are Chad Carrier-Bass and Vocals Rex Bailey-Guitar and Vocals Bernie Deal-Drums and Vocals and Marc Bailey Percussion and Vocals so listen to the music and come and enjoy a show with the band that is bringing fun and excitement back into music. Watch for their song Soul Surfers in the film High School staring Adrian Brodie Colin Hanks and Michael Chiklis.

Email bigmessband@msn.com

Web Site  http://bigmess1.com/home.cfm  

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Big-Mess/17663777890

2009 and 2010 winners of best music video at the “Other Venice Film Festival”

Contact, CJ

310 617-4093

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